Your Open Door

Good morning, Church of God!

I hope you had a wonderful time of worshipping God yesterday! In our morning worship, we considered open doors of ministry that God gives us. In the evening, we talked about doing everything we do to build up the people of God – the Church.

In our discussion of open doors of ministry during this time of COVID-19, Sis. Zenia and I suggested to you several possible ways you can practice your faith…

  • Disciple your family through daily devotions.
  • Establish a regular time of calling other church members to encourage them.
  • Find 2 or 3 people that you can meet with for prayer and reading of God’s Word on a weekly or daily basis, possibly using WhatsApp.
  • Give to those in need as God impresses you to do so.
  • Pray for each home you pass by while walking in your neighborhood.
  • Call, email, or text our government leaders expressing a prayer for God’s blessing and direction.

It’s great to have good ideas. But they must be put into action.

What open door of ministry will you enter this week?